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Founded in 1968 in Switzerland, the IB is a non-profit organization that aims to develop a better world through education and by promoting inter-cultural knowledge and understanding. With this mission to lead them, they have spent half a century nurturing a reputation for unparalleled quality and leadership in the world of education. Today, more than 6,000 IB programmes are being offered across over 4,600 schools around the world; a testament to the ever-growing value and international recognition of this excellent curriculum.


The IB programme offers courses at four levels:


A world-renowned programme, the IBDP is known for its challenging curriculum and rigorous assessments, which transform young people into knowledgeable, caring individuals who become responsible members of society.

The equivalent of the UK’s A-levels and the APs in the US, graduates of the IDBP are preferred candidates for admission in the top universities around the world. The backbone of this eligibility is the range of subjects that students can choose from and the depth into which their study descends. The honing of their subject knowledge, alongside practical approaches such as analysis and application, arm the students with the real-world skills.


Working in conjunction with schools, governments and international organisations, the IB programme is designed to develop inquiring minds.

IB students choose their own educational direction, pursue cultural and social activities, and study additional languages. These choices give them a well a well-rounded education that places them ahead of their peers with respect to university applications (with additional flexibility in subject options) and career eligibility. The range of subjects and the approach to studying teaches IB students to be aware of global and local contexts, think for themselves, and challenge the norms.


The DP curriculum is divided into six subject groups and the DP core, both of which are compulsory. This curriculum design broadens students’ subject-specific knowledge, while also teaching them to be curious and open-minded.

Subject Groups

Each group has offerings at the higher level (HL) and standard level (SL). All IB students must take a minimum of three subjects and maximum of four at the higher level, with the remaining at the standard level. At the higher level, students are expected to display greater subject knowledge, understanding and skill.

These subject groups are:

DP Core

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)– Assessed on the basis of a 1,600-word essay and an oral presentation, this is a compulsory element for all IB students. It aims to have the students critically study and reflect on the very nature of knowledge, its boundaries, and the basis on which we claim to possess it. Centered on the question of “how do we know?”, this course teaches students to apply TOK to real life while understanding the personal interpretation inherent to knowledge.

Extended Essay (EE)- This is a mandatory 4,000-word essay on an independently selected and researched topic; this topic may be related to a subject the student is already taking or can be a topic in world studies, wherein they carry out a detailed inter-disciplinary study of a global issue. This essay teaches the student to form a research question, conduct the research, and develop their argument. It also gives them practice for similar undertakings at the undergraduate level.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)- The final compulsory core element, the CAS requires 150 hours of creativity, activity, and service from the students, accomplished over the course of the two years of the diploma. Intending to create personally well-rounded individuals who are also socially-aware, this is an opportunity for students to pursue their interests outside of academia while still gaining future credits with universities and future employers.


Products of the IBDP are acknowledged lifetime learners; individuals who have earned the monikers of “open-minded”, “thinkers”, and “principled”. With the tenets of hard work, ethics, and compassion; a balanced approach to life and knowledge, an IB graduate is universally valued for everything they have to offer the 21st century world.

With our own core values in alignment with the objectives of the IB, Rostrum Education is positioned to propel students into a challenging and ultimately rewarding life – that of an IB graduate


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